Getting started

Low-level AWS wrapper for ZIO for all AWS services using the AWS Java SDK v2.

The goal is to have access to all AWS functionality for cases when only a simple, direct access is needed from a ZIO application, or to be used as a building block for higher level wrappers around specific services.

Check the list of available artifacts to get started.

The wrapper page shows in details how the library wraps the underlying Java SDK. On the configuration page you can learn more about how set the common properties of the AWS clients in addition to setting up one of the HTTP implementations.


  • Common configuration layer
  • ZIO module layer per AWS service
  • Wrapper for all operations on all services
  • Http service implementations for functional Scala http libraries, injected through ZIO’s module system
  • ZStream wrapper around paginated operations
  • Service-specific extra configuration
  • More idiomatic Scala request and response types wrapping the Java classes


The library consists of a core module and one generated library for each AWS service, based on the official JSON schema contained in the AWS Java SDK’s artifacts. By only providing a wrapper on top of the Java SDK the code generator does not have to know all the implementation details and features of the schema.

That said in the future it is possible to replace the implementation to a fully generated native functional Scala solution without breaking the generated APIs.

Higher level AWS libraries

The following libraries are built on top of zio-aws providing higher level interfaces for specific AWS services:

Additional resources

  • There is a blog post explaining how the code generator is implemented.
  • This post shows an example of using zio-aws together with ZIO Query